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Monday 16th October 2023 - Rachel Bynoe
Monday 16th October 2023 - Rachel Bynoe
'Peter Hoare memorial lecture. An investigation of submerged Pleistocene landscapes at Happisburgh'

'Abstract: An investigation of submerged Pleistocene landscapes at Happisburgh For hundreds of years, collectors and natural scientists have been captivated by the large numbers of prehistoric faunal remains that have washed up on beaches at Happisburgh, Norfolk, and been recovered from trawlers off the coast. With stone tools also being found in recent years, implications are not only that previously terrestrial, prehistoric landscapes are still preserved underwater, but that these record instances of past human occupation dating back over half a million years. This talk presents recent work to locate and investigate these submerged deposits using a combination of historic records and modern finds, with marine geophysical and spatial data. Peter was an important part of this work, so it is fitting that I talk about it for this particular seminar. As a key part of the original terrestrial excavation team, Peter was unwaveringly supportive of the subsequent work offshore. We had many road-trips together, collecting data for the spatial analyses, and his insights into the geology were always thought-provoking and helpful (as were his extensive edits of draft journal papers!). It is a great privilege to be asked to give this talk in his honour. .

Rachel is a lecturer in archaeology at the University of Southampton, with research interests that focus on the use of out-of-context Palaeolithic archaeology, predominantly from submerged landscapes, to answer questions about past human behaviour.